August 16, 2012

How to style a sheer dress

      I'm sure you can remember the Fall 2011 Gucci collection with those beautiful rich colored evening gowns adorned with silk flowery accessories and wore with matching high-waisted briefs.This year the sheer, see-through trend grew to be much more sophisticated without losing its sexiness. So,if you own a sheer, organza dress in your closet and you don't know what to wear underneath, there are multiple possibilities to choose from. For example, you can start with some layers mixing a silk short satin dress or a flowery one, a simple body-suit or a smashing lingerie.
Sure, my look was looking a bit to risqué but you can always tone things down when choosing that first layer which can also determine how much you want to reveal.

Body suit: H&M // dress: Asos //  belt: Nissa // bracelets: H&M // shoes: H&M

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  1. You look wonderful! I simply adore the styling, that sheer dress is perfect! :D:X

  2. Thank you very much, ladies :*

  3. lovely !!sei stupenda , baci oana

  4. Frumoase pozele si rochita! Dar cureaua parca nu se potriveste asa bine...


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